Cooking in Korea

One of the biggest adjustments I’ve had to make since moving to Korea is in the kitchen.  I love to cook and I loved the layout of my kitchen back home, and I can appreciate it even more now that it’s gone!  My kitchen in Korea is quite different in many ways.  First of all there is no oven.  This has been the hardest adjustment because I used my oven at home ALL the time!  Second of all, there is no counterspace- zip, zero, zilch!  In fact, I actually put my cutting board on my drying racks for laundry to “make” some counter space.  What can I say, desperate times call for desperate measures!  So far no laundry has suffered (although I had a close call tonight with some red sauce and a white shirt!), Finally my kitchen only has two burners, but thankfully they are gas which I love!  With all that being said, it took me a while to cook a proper meal in our apartment, but tonight I made my first full meal all in the kitchen!  What did we have you ask?  A Weatherly specialty!  Basil pesto alfredo pasta with chicken and a salad!  Back home we love to eat at this restaurant called Dino’s over by Rhodes college- they have the BEST pesto alfredo pasta I’ve ever tasted!  Ever since I have been doing my darndest to replicate it!  When and if I succeed I’ll be sure to pass on the recipe!  I forgot to take a picture of the salad because, well, we skipped lunch and we were starved!  It was only about 3 bites into the pasta that I realized I should probably take a picture!  After that’s what makes the blog pretty!  You’ll have to excuse the macaroni noodles- our grocery has a very limited selection of noodles (read: only macaroni)  and this was an impromptu meal!