I’m back

So I did something horrible, I got really excited about the blog, created a new one that was more specific to my posts, and then I fell of the wagon.  To be honest, I haven’t been cooking a lot.  As you know, my kitchen is TINY!  and I have NO counter space.  It’s hard to cook when your balancing a cutting board on a window sill, washing machine, sink, or even your leg (I have actually resorted to all of these at least once) so I have been majorly slacking on my cooking, but I have a couple of bookshelves on their way in the mail that will become my new counter space!  I’ve never been so excited for bookshelves before, and that’s saying a lot coming from an English major!  I’m so excited that I already have a line-up of recipes!  But I’ll keep that hush hush for now until I make them!  But as a teaser, here’s the AMAZING care package that my wonderful mother-in-law sent!  Cooking supplies galore!!  It sure is going to be hard to make this last!! 


What are some of your favorite recipes with these supplies?  Suggestions welcome!