2 Months!

Saturday was our “2 month” anniversiary in Korea, and WOW, I can’t believe we have been in Korea for 2 months now!  Time sure has flown by, and sometimes I still don’t feel like I really live here.  We spent the day chaperoning a field trip with Paul’s school and ventured to a dinosaur park as well as an artifact museum.  The dino park was pretty cool, they had fossilized footprints as well as a few bones and plants, the artifact museum would have been a lot cooler had I know what I was looking at!  Unfortunately, all of the museum was in Korean, so I had no earthly idea what I was looking at!  In between the two stops we ate a lunch of 비 빔 밮 (bi bim bap)  It was pretty good, but they definitely has some interesting mix ins at this place.  I stuck to a traditional route of veggies and sprouts with a bit of pork meat- unfortunately there was no egg which is what really makes bi bim bap so amazing in my opinion.  Paul got adventurous and tried a….wait for it…..A BUG! That’s right my picky eater hubby at a BUG!  I couldn’t believe it!  I believe the roles have changed and I now seem to be the pickier eater since we have arrived in Korea, but there’s just something about the uncertainty of what’s going in my mouth that I just don’t like.  If I can’t identify it, I’m not likely to eat it!  It’s all about texture for me, and I don’t like chewy things or things that ooze (read: bugs and octopus!)



A toast to the bugs

After our exhausting field trip with a bunch of middle school students, we took a short nap to recharge, and then hit the town again!  This time we headed to the local farmer’s market.  One of the things I love most about living in my small town is the ability to walk everywhere- this means that its easier to to impromptu things!  I also love that we have a farmer’s market every 5 days!  It’s great to be able to walk for my local fresh groceries!  There’s just something so refreshing about lazily wandering around piles of fresh fruits, veggies, and spices!  (and thankfully I recognize most of the food, but I am still learning about some things!


So many spices!

On a side  note, cooking at our house has slowed down a bit because we have started taking kickboxing classes and it takes up a good chuck of our night and I’m usually exhausted after, but once we get settled into our routine more I will be back, and probably with more umph because I’m hungry after these workouts!!