Kickboxing and K-Pop

So, many of you know that Paul and I have started kickboxing classes.  First off, wow, is that a killer workout!  And a perfect way to get out some frustration while your at it too! I’m actually encouraged to hit things as hard as I can, and let me tell you it is awesome!  The other great thing about our kickboxing is that we actually live right above the kickboxing gym.  Its awesome and not so awesome at the same time.  It’s great because it holds me accountable for my workouts. But it’s not so great because some days I’m just too tired or have other more enticing plans and then I have to explain to my instructor why I’m not coming before I can continue on to my apartment.

But the best thing about it, besides the fact that I get to do it with Paul, is the motivational music.  I love love love music in general!  If I could actually carry a tune, I would pursue it no doubt about it! So when a good song comes on, I’m hooked, and in Korea they are all about the K-Pop.  And I must admit its pretty catchy!

This is one of the songs I frequently find myself humming (and singing the 1 English word I know)

And here is another one by the same group

What do you think of K Pop?  Do you find it just as catchy as I do?  Do you wish you knew the Korean words so you could sing along?