Thank Goodness for Brownie Box Mixes

Thank goodness for brownie box mixes!  I never thought I’d say that.  I love baking!  I love baking from scratch, and personally believe box mixes are for cheaters. So how did I come to not only utter that statement, but post it online for all to see?  Well, I’ll tell ya.

It all started with Pinterest.  Doesn’t everything start with Pinterest?  I mean, really, I feel like I have added a million things to my “to-do” list since the discovery of Pinterest!  Anyways, my friend Sam had made this wonderful bread for our Fourth of July picnic in the park, and it was heavenly!  Absolutely delicious- the PERFECT panini bread!  It was soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, the perfect density, and it had rosemary…..mmmmm…..  Sorry, back on track, so this perfect bread was from Pinterest of course!  So I decided to try my hand at it.  After convincing Paul to help me and making an utter mess of our apartment, we left the dough to rise and went for a short hike.  All the while drooling over the prospect of the bread and some heavenly Chicken Pesto Paninis!  We get back from our hike, and our bread hasn’t risen, not 1 tiny bit.  Turns out I killed the yeast.


So that was strike one of the day. Then came strike two…

Strike two was also a result of Pinterst, go figure.  I keep seeing it over and over, you know, that “Revolutionary Mac & Cheese.” The one where you cook the noodles in milk instead of water.  Well I’m not sure if it was cooking on a different stove, korean ingredients (read: fake cheese) or the recipe, but the noodles took for ever to cook and the cheese didn’t mix in well, and it was just not all that great, at all.  Bless my husband though, he ensured me it was delicious and even ate his whole bowl.  I sure did get a good one!

So what do you do when you’re 0 for 2 for the day?  You resort to brownie box mixes.  After hours in the kitchen, multiple sinkfull’s of dishes, and an unsatisfied desire for something baked, you go for the box.  I just wanted something that I couldn’t mess up (even on my horrid streak).  And let me tell you they were delicious!  We topped them off with some cookies and cream ice cream and called it a night!


What’s your go-to recipe or treat when you need a no fail sweet?