Yet Another Move

Okay y’all know I’m horrible about sticking to things, and that’s probably why I have blogs started and abandoned all over the internet, but this time its not just because I’m so indecisive!… Continue reading

Thank Goodness for Brownie Box Mixes

Thank goodness for brownie box mixes!  I never thought I’d say that.  I love baking!  I love baking from scratch, and personally believe box mixes are for cheaters. So how did I come… Continue reading

Kickboxing and K-Pop

So, many of you know that Paul and I have started kickboxing classes.  First off, wow, is that a killer workout!  And a perfect way to get out some frustration while your at… Continue reading

2 Years

This past week was Paul and I’s 2 year wedding anniversary!  And, wow!  I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years!  I still remember the night we decided to date, and the butterflies… Continue reading

“Making Out” in Korea- it’s not what it seems

The funny thing about teaching in Korea is that you never know what someone is going to ask you.  Sometimes a teacher may ask you a funny question because they misunderstood a phrase… Continue reading

Banana Chocolate Surprise Cookies

While I love all types of cooking, there is something about baking that just really does it for me!  Maybe its the sugar, the butter, or the chocolate, or all three, but I… Continue reading

Mmmm Bread

Now y’all know me, I love a good panini! In fact, back in the States, the hubby and I usually made paninis a couple times a week! Sadly though, we had to leave… Continue reading

2 Months!

Saturday was our “2 month” anniversiary in Korea, and WOW, I can’t believe we have been in Korea for 2 months now!  Time sure has flown by, and sometimes I still don’t feel like… Continue reading

I’m back

So I did something horrible, I got really excited about the blog, created a new one that was more specific to my posts, and then I fell of the wagon.  To be honest,… Continue reading

Good Eats

Found a great quote today from Julia Child and thought I’d share!